George Home Team Guaranteed Sale Program

Enticed by an online instant offer campaign only to realize that the final net number you recieve is a whole lot less than what was promised?

Have you experienced a real estate agent who confidently promised you a price on your home just to get the listing and then failed to deliver and pounded you week after week with demanding a price reduction?

Are you wanting to buy a home, but need to sell first and have to coordinate closing and occupancy dates?

At the George Home Team we have been buying houses as investors since 1993 and representing sellers as Realtors since 1995. Our philospophy of people and reputation first, transaction second shines bright with our Guaranteed Sale Program.

It is really this simple. If your house does not sell at the price we give you within a mutually agreed upon time frame we will buy it from you! We stand behind our word because in this business, especially in this market, we see people getting licenses and making promises simply to put a sign in the yard. Let's just call that what it is...WRONG!

We have been in the real estate business for over 25 years and receive the majority of our business from past clients and personal referrals. Why is that? We stand out from the crowd by being honest and up front with everyone we come into contact with. Integrity is what we have to offer.

Contact us to learn more about the program including how we can specifically tailor it to meet your needs perfectly. No obligation, of course.